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Cursed - ‘Two’ lp /300 clear vinyl. Goodfellow Records 2005.

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I have had this very idea in my mind before, but have never seen it expressed by another.

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People perceive time differently as they age and it’s not always in this way. Like in this experiment by Michio Kaku, where older people thought a minute lasted longer than younger people did.

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Look, mate, one year is now just two percent of my life. But when I was 20, a year was five percent of my life. And when I was only ten years old, a year was ten percent of my life. So when I was a child, a year seemed to last a lifetime, because in relative terms, it did last a lifetime. One year was a very big chunk of time I had spent on earth. And now it’s just not. When you are pushing 50, a year is over in the blink of an eye.


Lauren Fisher. Team Usa.  Clean and Jerk 106kg at the Jr Pan Ams. Photo by Average Broz’s Gymnasium

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If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
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