I'll never call this place my home
Kinesiology student on the road to a doctorate in Physiotherapy. Power and Olympic lifter. Triathlon. Crossfit. Climbing. Cake. Mountaineering. Snowboarding. Instagram: Mysavageheart.
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I literally want to kick everyone in the fucking face right now

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

And especially…

Fuck you.

Fucking knots everywhere

I need full body massage that is so hard and deep that it leaves bruises right now.

….get your minds out of the gutters. This is serious.

class act.

You are the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. 

I laughed so hard I cried. And cried. And cried.

I’ll spare myself from sharing the same air as you from now on. 

I’m choking enough as it is. 

Opening up your MacBook in class and the first and only page on Safari is Tumblr

….The guy next to me now knows I am into dental gags.


I’m so hungry but I feel like I wanna throw up at the same time

Worst training session ever!

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